You have decided to try speed dating. What are some speed dating tips you might ask?

Some Useful Speed Dating Tips to Help You Meet Your Match

As a speed dating company that was the first to launch speed dating as well as once holding the Guinness book of records title for the biggest speed dating event ever in the world, we have experience and know what works. Using this experience-based, we have decided to share with you some speed dating tips that will make your experience as fun and successful as possible!

Go in with the mindset of having fun and not an agenda: Going into a speed dating event with an agenda is potentially setting yourself up for failure before the event has even started. Going in with the mindset that you’re meeting new people and not trying to project on to them may allow you to better create a connection. The keyword here is connection. If you want to properly connect with someone, it really helps if you are not trying to “direct traffic”. You are going to meet a lot of people, and some of them will be quite different from you. That's okay! If you can't be open-minded, then it won't work out. Some of the best people I've ever met were complete opposites from me, and they taught me so much about what I like and how to better myself as a person. It's also good practice for when this happens in real life

  • Come with an open mind and a sense of adventure: Keeping an open mind opens you to possibilities and surprises which may, in turn, open you to things you didn’t know you liked or that you would have been curious about. This can make your journey to have and sustain a relationship fun and adventurous because new interests are sparked, and discovery ensues while also getting to know that person.
  • Come with a great attitude, you just never know who you are talking to, and be an excellent listener: This is super important. Even if there is no connection or interest, treat people well. Do not be rude, quiet, get on your phone, and walk away if you are not interested. People have met someone who turned out to provide a job opportunity in the future even though they did not end up dating. Who knows, they may end up introducing you to your future partner. It is important to note that we are not saying that should be a reason to be nice to people, no, we are saying; to treat people with human decency and it might open doors for you in the future. At speed dating events, people are determining if you are a good fit for them, even if it is not a fit for dating, you have been assessed so make assessment a great first impression. Be polite, respectful, kind, and curious. You should also try your best to be an excellent listener while being curious.
  • Be and look like yourself, originality is attractive. Often people can sense when someone is not themselves or they are off. Since you are meeting someone for the first time, you want to be yourself and present the form of yourself. This makes it easier to establish comfort levels for both potential suitors as you are both saying, this is who I am. Now once this “this is who I am” has been established” and you both end up choosing each other, it can be a recipe for magical relationship success.
  • Don’t drink too much: Once again, you are making a first impression. First impressions can be hard to erase, if ever, so make it a great lasting one. First impressions are not only about how you look but also how you conduct yourself. If you have too many drinks, you will not be your true self and open yourself up to let people come to not-so-favorable conclusions about you. You may think that drinking will allow you to be more outgoing and confident, but it's important to remember that alcohol can make people act in ways they otherwise wouldn't. Whether it's forgetting how much you've had to drink or losing your inhibitions, acting out of character is never a good idea at speed dating events.

            While we're on the subject of alcohol: don't drink and drive! The last thing you want after a fun evening of speed dating is an arrest for drunk driving!


Posted 31/05/2022