Why Speed Dating is an Awesome Way to Meet People in Edmonton

Speed Dating In Edmonton
Why Speed Dating is an Awesome Way to Meet People in Edmonton

                                               Why Speed Dating is an Awesome Way to Meet People in Edmonton

Speed dating has been around for years, but it is surprising how many people take advantage of it given its awesome benefits.

Let us first start off by writing how Edmontonspeeddating.com events work: Once an event is posted, there are 12 spots for men to register and another 12 spots for men to register.  Once you are registered by way of payment, you get your receipt and event confirmation!

Upon arrival at the event venue on the day off, each participant has a dating card. Once the event starts, you get to have 7-minute conversations with the person Infront of you. It is advised to write down the name of the person on your dating card once you start. Once the 7 minutes is up, you will hear a bell, once you hear the bell, you are to check yes or no on the dating. This is good because it prevents you from remembering whether you want to say yes or no, you can choose to wait a little longer if you want to think about it a bit more, but this may result in you forgetting a name or what you talked about. Meeting 10 to 12 people in a day can be a lot.   

After the bell, the men get up and move to the next table. So, for example, if you started at number one and you talk to lady number 1, once the bell rings, if you are a man, you get up and go to table number 2. 2 goes to 3, the last table, table 12 goes to table 1 and so forth. You continue to mark down who you'd like to see and everyone else does the same. If you say "yes" to the same people who say "yes" to you, it's a match and you get each other's contact information usually the same night. It's fun, it's simple, it’s efficient and if it is your first, you might wonder why I did not try this a while ago.

Speed dating is awesome, particularly a Edmontonspeeddating.com event.  


Here are some benefits.

Benefits of speed dating:

  1.  It is an efficient way of meeting potential dates: With normal online dating, you must meet individual potential partners on different days, at different times. Each time you must dress up, and commute to a destination. Now imagine doing this multiple times a month. It can be time-consuming and exhausting.

Speed Dating Fixes this: With speed dating, you meet 10 to 12 people in one setting to determine if it is worth your time to go on another date. Imagine meeting all the people you would have met in a month or 2 being present at the same place at a time and you meet them in a structured way. This is one benefit of speed dating.


  1.  No Ghosting: With online dating, you get to make plans. You then make time on your calendar to meet them or cancel other things to make time for them. Once it is the day to meet, they may simply not respond or not show up at all.

Speed dating fixes this: With speed dating, people pay to show up and meet other people and if someone decides not to show up, there are other potential suitors for you to match with. This prevents the waste of time and effort to meet someone.

  1.  No Fake People or Cat Fishing: With online dating, people hide behind their accounts and project what they want the world to see. They may not actually be who they claim to be.

Speed dating fixes this: With speed dating, although you do not see or know who is coming, you are not wondering if who you are meeting is real or now. People who show up are real people of the city who are also looking to meet other people.

  1. No awkward nos and uncomfortable situations: With online dating, if you meet someone and the date is awkward or uncomfortable, there can be sometimes a pain to escape it.

Speed dating fixes this: With speed dating, you are only spending a short amount of time to determine if they are a match. If they are not, you simply write no on your dating card. This allows for less awkward situations and saying no in a less painful way.

  1. Edmontonspeeddating.com events are super fun: While we cannot speak for other speed dating companies in Edmonton, we can say our events are super fun. Why: Because we have been doing it for years. We are the only company in Edmonton that serves complimentary warm hearty appetizers at our events. Our events are well structured to ensure a smooth flow. You can even make friends from this event. There have been females who met other females to become friends, males who met other bros to become friends or people of the opposite sex, becoming friends if they think they are not compatible dating-wise.

Disadvantages of speed dating

Speed dating is great, but it has one and only major disadvantage. This is:

You cannot see or know who you will be meeting: With speed dating, all your dates are blind. As in, you do not know who you will be meeting. This can be exciting or a fun reveal, but it can also cause a problem when you are not attracted to a majority or any of the people at the event. This can make you feel like you wasted time and money.

What Edmonton Speed Dating is doing to fix this: While we at Edmontonspeedating.com cannot tell you explicitly what we are doing to fix this, you best believe we have a solution for this, and it should be coming in the not-so-distant future. We really want the way people meet other people to be fun and meaningful, so rest assured, you will be able to attend an event in the future and know you will meet the kind of person you would want to meet at the event.

Fun Fact About Edmontonspeeddating.com: Did you know Edmontonspeeddating.com once held a Guinness Book of Records for the biggest speed dating event ever held in the world? Yes, it did. This event was held on Feb 14, 2014.

Posted 29/05/2022