Speed Dating vs Online Dating, which is better?

You are thinking of trying speed dating and wondering if it is better than online. Here are some thoughts to help you with your decision making.


                PROS of speed dating

               CONS of speed dating

  • You get to determine for yourself in real life once you meet at the event location if someone is a good fit for you based on the conversation you are having. Nothing beats evaluating in person.
  • You do not know who may be showing up. Because of this, if you are not physically attracted to any of the people, it may feel like a waste of time to you.
  • There are usually 9 to 12 men and women, bringing the number of people attending anywhere from 18 to 24 people. At a full event of 12 people at a Edmonton speed dating event (Edmontonspeeddating.com), even if one person decides not to show, you still get to meet the remaining 11.


  • Speed dating is fun; you get to dress and look your best and meet people to have great conversations with.



  • You get to say no to someone, and it will not be awkward. With how edmontonspeeddating.com events work, you get to write yes or no on a dating card and what you write is only known to you. If it is a yes for both and the other person, your contact information is released to each other after the event. If it is a no, they do not know until after the event the next day and they do not get your information.


  • Not all speed dating companies do this but at a Edmontonspeeddating.com event, you get complimentary hearty, warm appetizers which are served halfway through the event. Talking to a lot of people can take a lot of energy. Sometimes people may not have eaten before attending. As a result, the appetizers can be a good way of re-energizing them.


  • Speed dating is efficient as you get to meet a lot of potential matches in one place at a time. If you are a busy person, this is an extremely efficient way to meet people.


  • Besides meeting potential partners, you can also meet friends. We find a lot of females making friends with other females and the same for males.




Let’s look at the pros and cons of each.


               PROS of online dating

              CONS of online dating

  • You get a visual sense of who you would like to match with
  • You may be talking to a fake person or an impersonator
  • There are a lot of options available (to some people, this can be a CON also. Some like the idea of having a lot of options while others do not.
  • Too many options to pick from. With online dating, you are judging from a distance, and you take what people write on their profile for what it is without getting a true sense of who they are.
  • If you are shy, online dating can be a good way to slowly come out of your shell to make conversations.
  • Lack of communication or no communication at all after matching


  • A person’s profile picture that drew you to them may not reflect exactly who they are currently. People tend to put pictures of themselves that look the best. These pictures may be from 5 to 10 years ago. This can be very misleading and there is no way to tell that.


  • People may filter their photos a lot which may greatly alter how they truly look like


  • With online dating, you do not get a true sense of who someone is because you are judging from a distance. You spend a lot of time talking only to meet in person and realize there is no chemistry in person


Posted 07/06/2022