Edmonton Dating: 5 Reasons Why You Should Try Speed Dating Over Online Dating | Edmonton Speed Dating

5 advantages of speed dating


1. Chemistry & Efficiency: Speed dating is a real-time experience; this means meeting in person adds another dimension beyond just connecting online via cyberspace where people can fake their appearance & personality traits easily through pictures and posts they share on social media platforms such as Facebook or Instagram.

2. Great Friendships are Treasures: Going to speed dating can be a very social experience compared to online dating. At these events, you can meet and become friends with the same sex. Even if your matches don't turn out successfully, it's always an enjoyable way of spending time with others and potentially creating great friendships!

3. Safety Never Goes Out of Style: Online dating can be dangerous because it is like meeting someone in a bar. At bars, people are more relaxed and less concerned with how they present themselves or what others think of them; therefore, online dangers increase exponentially. However, speed dating events bring together groups of strangers for socializing while also allowing participants to control their situation since everyone knows exactly where and when the event will take place (see: controlled environment). This makes speed-dating much safer than online dating or random meet-ups at bars etc., as one may find himself/herself dealing with an unsafe person without even knowing it until after he has committed physical acts.

4. Awkwardness at a Low: If you're not interested, just say no. Speed daters are only connected up if there is a mutual match and it allows the participants to avoid an awkward moment of rejection face-to-face or having to give your contact information out even when you don't want anything more than that one date with someone else.

5. Efficiency: If you are a busy person then speed dating is a no-brainer for you. You get to meet on average 12 people. No other activity can give you that amount of efficiency in meeting people you can potentially date. Speed is fun, once you try it you would be like; why didn’t I try this earlier!

Posted 03/09/2021