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One of the best events you will ever attend in Edmonton as a single

If you are single in Edmonton and online dating is just not cutting it for you then we’ve absolutely got you. If you have not tried speed dating, then chances are you have heard of it. Speed dating is an excellent way to meet people. It is efficient, fun, and meaningful by having a conversation with people and it is an overall great night out.

A speed dating event, particularly a event is set up in a romantic way, a great venue with lots of street parking. Before you attend an event, you register by picking the best age range that suits you and then you make payment. Once at the event, IDs are checked to make sure to ensure you fit into the age range. You are then handed your dating card and a pen. The dating card is the card on which you write yes or no on after you have had 7-minute conversations with other daters.

Once you are seated, a waiter/waitress comes to take an order of your drink. Drinks are paid for by you, but appetizers are complimentary, more on that later. Remember, first impressions matter so sticking to one drink is most likely a good idea. You only get one shot at a first impression oftentimes, so being alert, sure of what you are saying, and not giving off a sense of being inebriated will go a long in terms of impressions you are creating for yourself.

Once everybody has arrived and you are seated at your table, the event begins. The event host will go through briefly with attendees how the events work, she will then proceed to ring a bell indicating you can start with your conversation. You get 7-minute conversations with the person in front of you. Often people tell us that the 7 minutes go by fast and that the conversations are short, but you know why?  This is because they are having a great time and time seems to fly by so fast. Conversely, were they not having fun, 7-minutes could seem like an endless amount of time.

At the end of your 7-minute conversation, you will hear the host ring the bell again which indicates it is time to move to the next table. At a event, the women stay seated while the men move. A gentleman who started at table one will move to 2, the man from 2 moves to 3, and the man at table 12 moves to 1.

This continues until halfway through the event. Halfway through the event, it is time to have hearty appetizers. Yes! Warm, hearty, and fresh appetizers are presented for self-serving.  At we have more than 20 years of experience, so we understand that conversations take quite the energy, particularly when you are talking to about 10 to 12 people. Additionally, sometimes people may arrive they may not have had dinner. Not being able to eat can affect your mood and then affect your conversations. Understanding this; is why we go through the trouble of having our delicious complimentary appetizers.

After about a 20-minute break, conversations resume, and the rounds continue till everybody has spoken to each other. Remember the dating cards we talked about earlier, those would have been filled out by you as you had your conversations. At the end of the rounds, we take the dating cards which will be processed the next day. We process the dating cards the next day to allow people who may want to change anything on them, to have the time to think about it.


Once the matches are processed, the information you provided to share with matches should you match is sent to both people if they said yes to each other.

Emails are sent with this information to your inboxes and you, and your match reach out to each other from there to go on your subsequent dates.

Speed dating is efficiently fun. The number of people you meet in one night we are almost certain you will not meet in a month of online dating. We are almost certain that we may bet our next event on it.

If you have been struggling with online dating and are tired of the no communication after matching, ghosting, fake profiles and catfishing then you have a lot to gain from attending a speed dating event, particularly a event.

Posted 16/06/2022