Edmonton Christian Singles – This is why you should try a Edmonton Christian Speed Dating Event

Edmonton Christian Singles Events

 Edmonton Christian Singles – This is why you should try a Edmonton Christian Speed Dating Event

Speed dating is the best and most awesome way of meeting people to date or starts a relationship with. It has numerous benefits than online dating. If you have tried online dating then you know the problems that come with; the non-communication after matching or death of conversation, people dragging or kicking the tire when it is time to meet, the catfishing, the ghosting, to name a few.


If you have been wondering where or how you, as a Christian, can meet other single Christians within your age to potentially date in Edmonton, then you will want to read this as Edmontonspeeddating.com has got you.


  • With speed dating, you get to meet about 9 to 12 people in one setting. If it is a Edmonton speed dating event, the venue is nicely set up to ensure conversations flow between daters. There are warm, hearty appetizers served halfway through the event to get you reenergized. Imagine having to plan multiple dates through the month; with all the dressing, getting ready, and commuting. It takes a toll. With speed dating, you get to get a good sense of who people are to narrow it down to your suiters in an efficient way which saves you time, effort, and sometimes money if you are a busy individual.


  • No Catfishing and fake accounts: With speed dating, people must pay to show up so you are almost certain people will show up because they are serious about meeting people if they paid for it.


  • with online dating, you can plan with someone, then at the last minute, it is radio silence: With speed dating, particularly a Edmontonspeeddating.com event,  since there are usually anywhere from 9 to 12 men and 9 to 12 women, even if one person decides not to show up, there are 11 more people to meet to have conversations with to see if they are a good fit for you.


  • Speed dating is fun, and besides meeting people you can meet to date, you can also make friends. With speed dating, at least with our events, we try to encourage people to remember to make the best first impressions. This first impression does not only involve looking the part, and treating it like a first date, we also tell people to make first impressions in terms of the energy they bring, and what they project from within as it affects how much more enjoyable a fun event is. When you look good, you feel good, and when you feel good, well you attract better. Having a meaningful night out where you can potentially meet someone you can enjoy life’s moments with is fun.


  • Speed dating allows for the consensual exchange of numbers or contact details in a non-awkward way. With a Edmonton speed dating event, if you say "yes" to the same people who say "yes" to you, it's a match and you get each other's contact information. Nobody knows your choices but you. This allows for a comfortable way of exchanging numbers


  • Speed dating is a much safer way to go on first dates: Speed dating events are held at a particular venue, usually an owned establishment. With a lot of people there, you are safer than being on a date with someone by yourself. Since you are meeting people in person, you can read them better to get a better gauge to see if you both are a good fit. The speed dating conversations are usually 7 minutes long, once the time is up, a bell rings and then you discreetly write your pick on a dating card, and then the men get up and move to the next table to talk to the next lady. If you don’t feel comfortable with someone, it is only for 7 minutes and then you MUST move on. On a “regular” date, on the other hand, you must cook up an escape plan and that can be awkward or uncomfortable.


These are some of the benefits of online dating. We have also conducted a small video on how our events work You can look at it here: How Edmontonspeeddating.com events work


If you have been trying hard to meet another Christian single and it has been tough for you, this is the event for you. Don’t take our word for it, come find out for yourself how much fun and organic it feels to meet someone in Edmonton. You will have a blast. If you have not tried something, you cannot knock it. Sign up at edmontonspeeddating.com

Posted 30/05/2022